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Sisters in Courage - by Brizia Ceja

Brizia Ceja introduces Bridging Borders' newest partnership, Sisters in Courage; a group of strong women with different life experiences and backgrounds, coming together to learn about climate justice with the goal of harnessing their individual and collective power to support Mother Earth and all of her life.


Sisters in Courage began as a reading group. Every week we come together to talk and learn about climate justice and what we can do to help the environment and mother earth. The name we gave ourselves has meaning. While many of us are connected to Bridging Borders in different ways, most of us didn’t know each other well at the beginning, each of us is from a different country, with different life experiences but throughout the past ten weeks we have had the opportunity to share our thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom. Our differences make us strong and courageous and together we are sisters.

As a web of deeply connected women from different places we hope to direct our collective power towards the greater good; bringing in other Bridging Borders partners to create a movement to support our communities and Mother Earth. Many of the Bridging Borders partners are in countries whose contributions are minimal to the climate crisis yet these countries carry the majority of the consequences of climate change. Citizens in these countries are losing their forests, their flora and fauna, their homes and living conditions worsen every year.

Women are a strong force and collectively have been carrying the brunt of the climate crisis world-wide. Within our own group, we come with different experiences related to climate change; some having been directly impacted. As Sisters in Courage we began our journey together learning from and with, other women specifically. The book that we read and discussed together was All We Can Save; a compilation of essays and poems written by women in different industries but all of them leaders in the climate justice movement. The perspective that this book takes is one that puts feminism at the front, along with creativity, compassion, connection, and collaboration. Many of these characteristics are already part of Bridging Borders and it just makes sense to start developing women leaders to lead this important and urgent cause.

The climate crisis affects us all to different degrees but is a crisis which must be solved in the next couple of decades if we want to save our home, our planet. Each person needs to be conscious of her or his contribution to climate change and in order to solve it we all need to come together and do our part. People from all countries, in different levels of government, in all industries working towards one great goal.

Many people wonder if one person can make a difference. Many wonder what, if anything, they can do to contribute to solve the problem, and this is a very common thought but let’s not forget that we lead by example and each choice we make is an opportunity to share our knowledge with others around us. As for Sisters in Courage, our reading circle is just the start of a long and hopefully impactful journey, where we continue to learn and collaborate with each other and with our community as we grow a stronger bond of sisterhood because only together will we be able to change the world. We ask you to join us in this journey!


Check out our Instagram page to learn more about each member and our work! @Sisters_in_Courage

Learn more about the All We Can Save project and book by going to...


Some of our favorite quotes; most of which can be found in the book!


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