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2019 Bridging Borders (Thailand/Myanmar) Builds Capacity

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Bridging Borders partners from the USA, Mynamar and Thailand meet with Dr. Cynthia Maung in Mae Sot, Thailand. US partners spent two weeks providing capacity building trainings in the Mae La and Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camps.

Rosey (Right) is with Elisabetta (Left) Elisabetta is a doctor who goes into the jungle and rural areas on the border. She is part of the group that started Mae Tao Clinic.

Ser Eh Dah and the Livelihood Group's recycle project.

The youth from Livelihood Group are teaching Nate how to play kickball.

The teacher group is preparing for their presentation!

Ally and Liz's Psychosocial group. Liz's head is floating around in the group photos. The perk of being tall. :D

One of Cassidy's students putting Tanaka on her! She looks so happy!

Our last day in the first camp.

Carey, YiYi, Rosey, Father Paul, and Maung Maung Tinn are good friends that live in different countries. They rarely get to see each other due to far distances. But because of BB, they finally get to reunited again and went out for dinner!

Our BB team in the second camp!

Never stop smiling. You two look beautiful with big smiles!

Laughing Time: Cynthia with one of the participants.

Sayro's favorite picture she took of Carey!

BB Team in front of Mae Tao Clinic! We were on our way to go meet Dr. Cynthia.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to spend a day with MMT, Rosey!

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