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Village by river
Wood production
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Following the Lead of Those Living at the Margins


Bridging Borders is a global collective of community partners, educators, artists, authors, and activists that are working together to transcend traditional boundaries and create vital networks that lead to innovative opportunities and pathways in education for communities living at the margins.

Where We Are Connecting

Thailand-Myanmar Border, Refugee Camps

Taunggyi, Myanmar

West Nile District and Kampala, Uganda

Bangkok, Thailand

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Kenya, Malawi,

Canada, Mexico, Utah (USA), Indonesia.


We trace our roots back to 2004 and the relationships formed between University of Utah organizers and leaders from immigrant communities at the University Neighborhood Hartland Partnership Center. Fifteen years later the resulting collective continues to grow as we work together with new groups, as well as the original families and communities; expanding our reach by following leaders back to their home countries and countries of transition.  This work of transcending borders, now spans continents, as well as generations. 

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